Travelpro Anthem Luggage – Great Luggage at a Great Price!

The economy stinks; there’s just not enough money in the weekly paycheck; and it’s hard to pay all the bills at the end of the month. Yet, the husband needs a new carry-on bag for his extensive travel for work. It has to be a carry-on bag, because the airlines charge for checked luggage. The top luggage brands (Tumi, Hartmann, Briggs, Victorinox) are out…they may build great luggage, but right now our finances are just too tight. So, where to get great value in both carry-on luggage as well as the large, checked wheeled luggage…and at a reasonable price?

My choice is Travelpro Luggage.  Right now, there is a special sale of a little known, and little distributed collection called Travelpro Anthem. Not sure on the name for this luggage collection as Travelpro is world renown for it’s famous Travelpro Crew collection. Travelpro Anthem luggage is a limited time luggage collection and not widely available. Irv’s Luggage is one of only four retailers offering the Travelpro Anthem collection.

The Travelpro Anthem collection comes in four popular sizes: 20” and 24” wide body luggage and 22” and 28” traditional rollaboards. The 20” wide body carry-on bag is expandable and fits into airline overhead compartments. Wide body luggage has become hugely popular, as it fits not only domestic airline carry-on requirements, but also most international airline carry-on requirements.

So what makes Travelpro Anthem luggage unique? Travelpro Anthem has a honeycomb frame, which makes the luggage very lightweight. Every bag is expandable, offering the traveler the maximum amount of flexibility when packing. It has a high sheen, poly ballistic fabric that is very durable against the bumps and bruises of airline travel. Add in the in-line skate type wheels for a smooth, quiet ride. And, most critical, it’s built by Travelpro for durability and has a 10-year warranty. And, the very, very best news…the price!  Irv’s Luggage is offering the 20” wide body carry on bag and the 22” expandable rollaboard for $79.99; the 24” traditional rollaboard for $89.99 and the large, 28” upright for $99.99. Wow! Even the 2-piece luggage setss are priced for today’s economy, starting at just $159.99!

Travelpro Luggage is proud to be a leader in luggage design innovation. Travelpro has long been synonymous with high quality and highly durable luggage. The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage revolutionized modern day travel. Originally designed by a pilot, the Travelpro collection has been the luggage of choice for pilots, flight attendants as well as frequent travelers all over the world. Design, quality workmanship and top quality materials make Travelpro one the leaders in the luggage industry. And, with the Travelpro Anthem collection…Travelpro has the perfect product for today’s economy.


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