TSA Checkpoint Friendly Cases

Approximately 637,750 laptop are stolen in US airports each year… many at security checkpoints, according to a private research company. That’s over 12,250 laptops per week.  So, how can you protect yourself?

TSA check-point friendly laptop cases allow you to keep your laptop in the case – and not left out in the open. Interestingly, the TSA does not approve or endorse any cases. The TSA provided specs to the manufacturers to create bags that meet their criteria.

Here is what the TSA will accept as checkpoint friendly:

● The laptop section must fold to lie completely flat on the conveyor belt;

● The laptop section must contain only the laptop – no cords, files, mouse, external drives;

● No metal zippers, buckles or snaps either on top or under the laptop section

● Maximum size of the laptop area is 30 inches in length

● No pockets are allowed in the laptop section

Irv’s Luggage Best Selling Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases include:

Lodis Audrey Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Tote

Lodis Audrey Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Tote

  • Men’s: From Tumi Luggage, The Tumi Alpha Medium Checkpoint friendly case is perfect for the traveling man. This new, expandable computer brief is designed to meet TSA checkpoint friendly requirements, which allow you to go through security without removing your computer from the case*. The split-opening case, which is made from Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon, must be packed appropriately to ensure an unobstructed scanning of your computer.
Tumi Alpha Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

Tumi Alpha Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

Investing in a new TSA Checkpoint friendly laptop case just might prevent the theft of your laptop!


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