Carry On Bags – Packing Tips for Women

To avoid paying fees associated with checked luggage, here are some great packing tips for women to fit everything into a carry-on bag.

  1. Pack lighter clothing.  Lighter clothing is easier to wash and dries more quickly, thus easier to reuse.
  2. Pack wrinkle resistant clothing, as it stays looking nice……longer.
  3. Pack only 2-3 pair of socks and underwear; wash overnight. Try ExOfficio travel briefs and tees.
  4. Bring dark basic clothing, preferably black; black is more versatile, hides dirt and is very slimming.
  5. Pack accessories such as jewelry and scarves to mix up your basic wardrobe. Use the Travelon Rolling Jewelry Case to pack jewelry efficiently while avoiding breakage.
  6. Instead of packing a big bulky sweater or jacket, layer your clothing or wear your sweater or jacket on the plane, once again make sure it is a versatile choice.
  7. Bring one versatile pair of shoes for daytime and wear it on the plane; and pack one for evening.  Better yet find a pair that works for both; make sure it is comfortable!!!
  8. Bring the bare essential make-up and toiletries in a Travelon TSA Regulated Toiletry Bag; any additional items can be picked up by making a quick visit to a local drug store once you arrive.
  9. Use the Easy to Go Space Savers or Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Sacs, to optimize your packing.
  10. Who says men are the only tech savvy travelers out there; for all your electronic needs try the Korchmar Gadget Organizer.
  11. Use a  wide body carry-on and pack-it folders.
  12. Most airlines allow a second smaller bag in addition to your carry-on luggage, pick a tote that can double as your handbag once you arrive. Bramble and Brown and Knomo have some wonderful choices, especially if you need to carry a laptop.

Finally use the best packing advice out there; pack your bag and then put half of it back. Over packing is one of women’s biggest mistakes while traveling. Happy and minimalistic travels from Irv’s Luggage!!!



Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Great tips! I recommend always making sure your luggage is a bit lighter than the maximum weight as on the way back it will always be heavier! Also go for luggage bags that are light, expandable and safe!

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