For Faster Hassle Free Travel Use a Carry-On Bag

As a young child I was not privileged enough to fly; born into a family of eight children, the 1970’s version of the mini-van was always my primary mode of transportation.  My first flying experience came as an older teen. As I took off into the “friendly skies” I was both amazed and awed at man’s ability to keep a 900,000 pound jet afloat at 35,000 feet! As the years past……. this awe and excitement faded into annoyance and frustration with today’s baggage fees, lost and damaged luggage, long lines, delays and cancellations. The more sophisticated of a traveler I became, the less sophisticated my overall travel experience became.

Living in this fast paced, extremely busy world, time is one of our most precious commodities and getting from point A to point B in the least amount of time with the least number of hassles is now my primary travel goal.  A key factor in achieving this goal is using a carry-on bag (no checked luggage)!  Whether it is business or pleasure, domestic or international, the key to faster hassle free travel is to learn to pack all your essentials into a carry-on bag (Over packing is most traveler’s biggest  mistake!) The benefits of only using a carry-on include:

1)      Less packing time – more thoughtful and considered packing. Bringing less equates to bringing only items that can serve multiple uses; neutral colored, wrinkle-free clothing items like khaki or black pants/shorts. Exofficio travel underwear can save space as well.

2)      No waiting in line to check or retrieve luggage

3)      No tipping  at curbside check-in

4)      No baggage fees – these can run anywhere from $50 – $100 or more depending on your airline.

5)      Less security concerns, the luggage is always with you. Keep your valuables secure!

6)      If you experience flight delays or cancellations you will have no worries about where your luggage ends up

7)      No lost luggage period

8)      Less back strain lifting the bag

9)      Easier to maneuver

10)   Less laundry to clean at the end of your trip

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Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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