TSA Prohibited Carry-On Items

Common sense is probably your best vehicle when determining what items the TSA will allow you to carry-on when traveling by air. For example meat cleavers, swords, firearms, axes, billy clubs, brass knuckles, hand grenades, etc…..are not allowed.  Darn, I like to carry my nunchucks with me wherever I go. :)

You get the picture, not that the average Joe is going to be packing such militant and martial arts type objects. However there were a few items on the list that did surprise me: snow globes (or like decorations), gel type candles, gel shoe inserts, most sporting equipment  and recently marshmallow fluff  (not on the actual list but my co-worker’s son lost his to security coming back from Quebec on a school trip last month).

For the complete list, so you don’t get your favorite shoe inserts, snack or gift for grandma confiscated, visit the TSA at http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/prohibited/permitted-prohibited-items.shtm . Happy trails from Irv’s Luggage!



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  1. Victor Waxman says:

    Cheers lots, I have found this info extremely good!

  2. Elizabeth King says:

    i love to roast marshmallows on open fire, they taste great.’.

  3. Inking Stamp : says:

    marshmallows with cheese is the stuff that i always munch

  4. Towel Rails says:

    i love to toast marshmallows in the fire, they taste twice as better when they are burnt :-;

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