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TSA Prohibited Carry-On Items 4

TSA Prohibited Carry-On Items

Common sense is probably your best vehicle when determining what items the TSA will allow you to carry-on when traveling by air. For example meat cleavers, swords, firearms, axes, billy clubs, brass knuckles, hand...

Number One Consumer Irritation 1

Number One Consumer Irritation

Consumer Reports recently compiled a list in their June 2010 issue of the top irritations people experience when dealing with airline travel, the top five were: poor communications about delays, can’t reach a live...

Airport Security How to Speed through the Line 7

Airport Security How to Speed through the Line

Summer travel season is just around the corner. Lots of excitement with planning and packing, and then there is the dreaded airport check-in. TSA – Transportation Security Administration – has issued some helpful guidelines for speeding through the airport security lines. Here are five tips for from the TSA for your carry on bags: