Hardsided Luggage Makes a Comeback

I’m intrigued… hardsided luggage seems to be making a significant comeback. It seems like just a few years ago, all one could find was ballistic nylon or leather luggage. Then suddenly, it seems that, despite the airline restrictions on weight, there is a whole entry into the world of luggage… hardsided!  So what changed?  Going back, the original trunks and footlockers were made from steel and wood. Hardsided?…Yes. Heavy?…emphatically so.

Fast forward to 2010. The new breed of hardsided luggage is made from sleek, dent and scratch resistant as well as impact resistant polycarbonate.  Like its nylon counterpart, this new breed of hardsided luggage is lightweight and durable. And, it is even expandable!

Perhaps it is the feeling of durability that makes the hardsided luggage appealing. Or, maybe, it’s that the hardsided luggage comes with wonderful designs and not the usual, boring blacks and reds that you find with ballistic nylon luggage.  Here’s a couple of fashion trend setters that crossed my desk…

Britto Luggage hit the streets about one year ago and is a major departure from the boring uni-colored bags. The designer is Romero Britto, a Brazilian born artist.  Heys USA contracted with Britto to design the Britto Collection of luggage. It’s fun, original and functional. Plus, the little known fact is that this is surprisingly lightweight. The 26” hardsided upright weighs a mere 8.8 lbs. Wow.

Samsonite has also hit the scene with their version of designer luggage… the Pixelcube collection. Ok, so it’s not Britto design, but it is on the ‘leading edge’ for Samsonite, anyway. Hardsided luggage with a little ‘dimples’ give this spinner luggage some real appeal. My personal favorite is the ‘wine’ color (aka: red).

Last but not least is the hardsided luggage from Titan. Titan Luggage has specialized in hardsided luggage, even before it became trendy. While Titan does not offer the extravagant designs of Britto, Titan does offer an array of brightly colored hardsided luggage. The Titan X2 has a unique design that can be spotted anywhere. While it is not inexpensive, Titan offers a lifetime warranty and is hugely popular with road warriors. Ok, and for all you television fans… Titan Luggage was actually shown on The Bachelor.

I guess that for my next luggage purchase, I’ll give the hardsided luggage a fair review. If nothing else, I can escape the infamous sea of black at the luggage carousel.


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