Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway!

Nominate your Mom for a chance to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! This year, Mother’s Day is May 13th and Irv’s Luggage is celebrating Moms everywhere by giving away 4 Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags throughout the month of May.

Here’s how to enter:

Every Monday in May we will be GIVING AWAY a brand new handbag from Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag. That means 4 opportunities for you to win a Harvey’s Seatbeltbag. On Monday May 7th, the first of 4 winners will be selected. Our first giveaway is for a beautiful tote – the Hampton Large Carry All Sea Sprite!!Harveys Seatbelt Bags Hampton Large Carry-All Sea Sprite

Each week we are giving away a different Harvey’s Seatbeltbag! We will select a new winner every Monday from the previous week’s responses. If you do not win one week, you can re-enter during the next contest.

Are you ready to win? Answer our question in the comments section below! And don’t forget to check your emails every Monday to see if you’ve won!

Question One:

Which celebrity or famous person does your Mom resemble? It could be someone she mirrors now or someone she looked like in younger years. Have some fun with this, we would LOVE to see pictures if you have them!!


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36 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    I think my mom used to look like Mary Tyler Moore :)

  2. Jennifer Lapierre says:

    My mom reminds me of Estelle Costanza from Seinfeld…really I’m not kidding! In looks and personality! My dad is definitely Frank! Gotta love them.

    check out this pic

  3. Caitlin Handler says:

    I think my mom looks like Felicity Huffman from desperate Housewives with glasses!!! Happy Mother’s day mom!

  4. Michelle Scher says:

    My mom looked like Frenchy from Grease when she was younger. My mom was also a “beauty school drop-out” but only because the beauty school she was going to closed down mid-semester.

  5. Jessica Cyr says:

    My Mom used to look like Marilyn Monroe.

  6. Lacey Jessamine says:

    I think my mom looked like Marie Osmond when she was young. :)

  7. Laura says:

    My mom resembles Rizzo from the musical Grease. She definitely does not share her personality though!!

  8. Samantha Doan says:

    the celebrity my mom most resembles is Sara Jessica Parker

  9. S. Renee Michalski says:

    My mother looked like Marilyn Monroe in many of her smiling, curly blonde photos, and she had a bathing suit just like Marilyn Monroe,

  10. Teresa Goetsch says:

    My mom looked just like Marsha Mason back in the day. Will look for a picture to scan in…it is uncanny!

    Happy Mother’s Day to one classy lady!!!

  11. Gretchen Abold says:

    I think my mom looks like June Cleaver. :)

  12. I think my mom kind of resembles Roseanne Barr, just the way she acts sometimes.

  13. P.S. Love the bag you are giving away, it’s my moms favorite colors.

  14. Michelle Warthen says:

    My Mother is so very special to me…..she too looks a lot like Mary Tyler Moore and has a very carefree attitude. Always ready with a smile and a witty comment. My Mother is my best friend and everyone we run into says I look just like her, knowing that, I look forward to growing old gracefully just like my mom

  15. Patty Phipps says:

    My mother looked similar to Greta Garbo. She was very beautiful

  16. Sally Schinberg says:

    This goes way back, but I’ve always thought she resembles Theda Bara.

  17. Adam says:

    My mom reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore as well.

  18. Mia Rada says:

    I think my mom looked like the actress Farrah Fawcett, especially when they were young.

  19. Mary says:

    First thing in the morning my mom looks like Albert Einstein…white hair flying in all directions! At 84, she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known (in all ways).

  20. Rachel Rodman-Kunkler says:

    When my mom was younger she looked like Jackie O and now that she is in her 60’s she looks like Glen Close. Don’t ask me how it goes from one to another HAHA. And she would kill me if I put her picture online… sorry;)

  21. Sue Huggler says:

    I think my mom has that 40’s movie star look going. Her hair curls just so…and she has grace and style. AND she loves the seatbelt bag I gave her for Mother’s day last year.

  22. Patty Phipps says:

    My mother looked like Greta Garbo and was so pretty.

  23. Les Johnson says:

    My mom looks like Brett Butler from Grace Under Fire 😉

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  24. Kelly says:

    I thought about it but decided to ask my mom and her response was Peg Bundy…lol. I told her it was a look alike question and not a name matching contest…. peg, you have to love mom’s.

  25. Kristina Mallon says:

    If you imagine Jodie Foster in 30 more years as a Grandma, that’s my mom!

  26. Hannah Johnson says:

    My mom reminds me of “Bailey” on Grays Anatomy. She does not exactly look like her but she is short and firey. She is a nurse and her friends call her nurse Bailey.

  27. Mary McShane says:

    My mom looked like Merle Oberon—with green eyes.

  28. Susan says:

    My mom reminds me of Daryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias…especially with the glasses!

  29. Mariela T. says:

    When my mom was younger she looked like Audrey Hepburn :-)

  30. Shari Halling says:

    My mom looks like the TV character Edith Bunker, from All in the Family, my grandma looks like Eva Gabore’s character in Green Acres, and my other grandma looks like the movie character Mrs. Doubt Fire. I wish I could attach photos of them in person, but my photo box is stored back home. Happy Mothers Day to all!

  31. Emily Weiss says:

    My mom most resembles Monica from friends. She may not look like her but her actions and mannerisms are just like her. My mom keeps everyone in line and makes sure everything runs smoothly and gets done.

  32. Patricia Drogos says:

    Mom reminds me of Nancy Reagan, a very classy lady!

  33. FaithJ says:

    I think my Mom looks like Celine Dion the most. I look a lot like her too, but I’m not famous. :) Fingers crossed to win this amazing handbag!

  34. Natalie Noble says:

    I think my mom used to look a little like Jackie Kennedy Onasis when she was young. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  35. racergirl1313 says:

    I don’t know who my Mom looks like. She’s always just looked like my Mom and our Moms are always the most beautiful women we know! Who wants a celebrity when you can have your own Mom? Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Jeanne Larson says:

    My mom reminds me of Marge Simpson. She always tries to please everyone and run a house at the same time.

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