Mother’s Day Gifts – A Guide for the Perfect Mom’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and so begins the frantic search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. My kids are older now, so there won’t be the usual school-crafted gift of a picture frame from popsicle sticks or the inevitable clay ash tray (who smokes anymore anyway).  From the husband I get the usual ‘you’re not my mother’ so the kids are left to their own devices for finding a Mother’s Day gift. So what are the top items on my list this year?

The one Mother’s Day gift that I was really hoping for was a new Dooney & Bourke handbag. There are so many cute styles of designer bags, but once a Dooney owner, then always a Dooney owner. At the top of my list is the Dooney & Bourke Wavy Leather Grommet Shopper Tote. It’s a beautiful and practical bag and comes in green, saddle (brown) and black. I’d prefer the Dooney & Bourke Saddle color Tote… just in case one of the kids is reading this!  My second choice for a new Dooney bag is the Dooney & Bourke Nylon Quilted Classic Spicy Satchel. So, kiddos, just in case you cannot afford a leather Dooney bag, the Dooney nylon satchel would be just fine for the big day!

Now, if Dooney is not in my Mother’s Day future, then I would certainly like the JPK Paris Bucket bag. It comes in so many colors!  Harvey’s Seatbelt bags are always a fine alternative. My favorite Harvey’s bag is the new Treecycle line, and I just love the coloring of the SeatBelt Bag Woodstock Wood Handle Tote from the Treecycle collection.

Moving on from the designer handbags, a new smartphone case would also be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The new Lodis Leather Smartphone cases come in a huge variety of colors and designs. My favorite is the leopard smartphone case, but in a pinch the pink smartphone case or even the red smartphone case would be fine. Just a note to kids…not too wild about the snakeskin smartphone case – it gives me the creeps.

And, if all else fails and the kids cannot find their allowance monies… a new leather women’s wallet would be perfect. I am very partial to the new leather women’s wallets from MyWalit. These are leather (great for durability) and come in a huge variety of fun colors and designs. Or, the original Taxi Wallet from Alicia Klein is always a perfect gift for good old Mom. Alicia Klein has a whole new line of zebra striped taxi wallets, leopard wallets and new ‘destination’ wallets (so if you are partial to Chicago, San Francisco, London or Paris, Alicia Klein has the perfect women’s wallet for you).

Hey kids…mom is not getting any younger and here is a wonderful shopping list to work from. Choose anyone of the suggestions above to make your mother very happy this year. Love to all, regardless of what I get for Mother’s Day!


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