New This Fall the Dooney & Bourke Plaid Collection

I love plaids!  They are colorful, they are cheerful and they are fun!!  When I see someone wearing plaid I think to myself “there goes a person with spunk”….and I must not be alone, because plaids are back ….and no one can do plaids better than Dooney & Bourke!!!

Dooney & Bourke’s new Plaid Collection is terrific; the bright reds and blues, the sophisticated creams and the distinguished grays have a classic look with a lot more flair and freshness!!!

With incredible new designs, the Small Handle Drawstring Bag and the Messenger Bag stand out as the “must have” bags for this fall/winter season. Also available are the popular cross body and wristlets designs for women on the go and the classic barrel satchel for the more traditional gals! Most importantly, all include the great characteristics and higher end quality that distinguishes Dooney & Bourke from the rest!

Add a little spark to your wardrobe, purchase a Dooney & Bourke Plaid today!!!



Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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