TANO Handbags Fashion Forward Styling without Fashion Forward Pricing


Times are tough and have been for awhile, many of us cannot afford high priced designer handbags; we have more pressing things to attend to, like mortgages, college tuition, food and heat!! So the question is, how can we get these  fabulous handbags and still stay warm this winter?……

We could, maybe, stop eating (no woman can live on handbags alone) or hope our bosses give us that raise we deserve (that is, sometime before ____ freezes over) or we could possibly win the lottery (when we remember to buy a ticket of course)!!  The truth of the matter is, these things are probably not going to happen, so we’ll  need to get a little more creative and resourceful with our handbag purchasing…..and after much research and internet surfing….. we will all realize that….the TANO Handbag Collection is that solution!

TANO Handbags are a beautiful collection of chic, fashion forward handbags with a young edgy look and very affordable price tags!!!  TANO’s Havana leather is absolutely gorgeous and we would be hard pressed to find any other handbag designer that can do color better!  TANO’s stunning hues of red, brown, green and blue; rich patinas that stand out from the rest and add a little bit of couture to every outfit we wear!

Tano’s signature bucket bag and fabulous hobos are terrific!!! TANO is even creative when it comes to naming their handbags; Earthly Delight, Wrap Artist,  Eye on the Prize and Plain Chain Hobo!!!  Tano always manages to bring a little something unique to their bags whether it is the outside zippered pockets on the Zippy Bucket, the cool chained leather strapping on the Plain Chain, or the leather tassels on the Eye on the Prize.  Tano has even stepped out of their comfort zone this season by offering the Mini Me, a cross body bag with a sparkling metallic finish and Tano’s signature leather trim.

TANO Handbags has brought fashion forward styling without the fashion forward pricing to the economically struggling women of America and we would just like to say, thank you……because we can now pay our bills and still look faaaabulous doing it!!!! TANO Handbags now available at Irv’s Luggage!



Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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  1. Kokea says:

    Will definitely love these TANO Handbags for a Christmas present for my wife. Great product.

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