The Aluminum Wallet from Ogon

Innovation… you’ve got to love it. Working at a luggage warehouse, I’ve seen lots of change over the years. One of the biggest sellers in the luggage industry early on, was a hat box… yes, a hatbox. Try to find one of those on the Internet today. However, luggage has changed virtually every year: size, shape, color, material, spinners and inline wheels, hardsided. But, what hasn’t changed much – other than color – is the traditional wallet. There has always been an array of leather wallets for both men and women, plus, of course, the nylon ones. However, up until now, there hasn’t been innovation on the fold-it-up and stuff it in your purse or pocket style. Until now, that is….

Introducing the Ogon Aluminum Wallet. Hmmmm. Leather, yes; nylon…ok. But aluminum? I’m a bit of a skeptic, so I had to look it over. The exterior is a hard aluminum and when you first pick it up, it seems remarkably light. The ‘click’ button latch opens the wallet easily. Inside are fan-shaped compartments to hold cards, cash and virtually anything you’d put in your pocket wallet. One of the features that in today’s high techno world, is its claim to fame is that the aluminum will protect your data chips from radiation (think scans at the airport). I don’t carry my data chips in my wallet yet, but then again, I’m a little behind the curve.

I grew up in a ‘cash’ world. When I listen to the local banker, though, with debit cards, I virtually never need cash anymore. So, maybe this aluminum Ogon wallet is perfect. It’s got lots of places to put cards and maybe even a little cash. However, unlike my leather wallet, which always seems to conform to my shape, it’s a bit more uncomfortable in the back pocket when I sit.  I like the new look of Ogon and it seems to address today’s ‘cashless’ society. Available in lots of colors to appeal to the unisex society, the price tag is reasonable too at around $34.  Innovation comes full circle… I wonder what’s next!


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