The perfect Mother’s Day gift

We are now thankfully past the stage of popsicle-stick vases and construction-paper framed handprints, or the misshapen clay ashtray which can double as a jewelry box (hey teachers – who smokes anyway), and hopefully as the kids get older we are graduating to a new level of Mother’s Day gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, truly for me every day is mother’s day…just having three healthy kids is enough for me (although a teenage daughter with a little less attitude would be nice).  For me, Mother’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday, but if the kids can recognize their mom one day out of the year, then I guess it’s a good thing.

Then again, there is the husband, who consistently purchases wonderful ‘grown- up son’ type gifts for his mother (last year a new riding John Deere mower for his mom – while our family got a push mower) and then says ‘you’re not my mother’.  Hey, idiot, I am the mother of your children. Recognize that each of my kids has outside jobs and earns their own money… the boys mow lawns in the summers and shovel snow in the winter. The daughter has a ‘cush’ job walking a dog. So the kids are not desperate for cash.

Here are three great mother’s day gift ideas all at under $50 that just might actually make Mom smile.

  1. Umbrella…ok, not your most exciting gift, but If mom likes real art (meaning there is no crayon involved), then choose from the Monet Waterlilies, VanGogh’s Starry Night or even the Bird of Paradise umbrella. Or if mom is a dog lover, choose the Puppy Road umbrella from Salamander.  At under $30, this is a wonderful tribute to both artist and mom and will be remarkably useful in the rain.
  2. Lodis offers something called a leather credit card pocket. At $38 and with enough slots to hold multiple credit cards, this is a great addition to mom’s purse. Not the typical wallet – yes, it has a small zippered pocket – it simply and safely stores all the myriad of credit cards, ID cards and what not, that mother’s usually carry.  I like the leather strap which snaps and holds all of my credit cards.
  3. The Dooney and Bourke nylon three pocket zip handbag. Under $50 from Dooney? Yup!  I actually gave one of these to my sister-in-law as a thank-you gift. Now I kind of wished that I kept it myself. I’m not a traditional purse lover, and this tiny shoulder bag is perfect for the minimal amount of stuff that I actually carry. Dooney quality, the perfect size and the perfect price.

Hopefully my kids are listening. But, then again, you can never have enough decoupage planters.


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