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How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling 1

How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

I consider myself to be a pretty level headed person…… except of course, when it comes to insects. Creepy crawlers and I just do not get along!  So as bed bugs began creeping their...

Harveys Seatbeltbag Giveaway 0

Harveys Seatbeltbag Giveaway

We know you love GIVEAWAYS… So, who wants to win a Harveys Seatbeltbag Minnie Wristlet?! Irv’s Luggage, is giving away a FREE Minnie Wristlet to a lucky Facebook fan! All you have to do...

Talk to TSA 0

Talk to TSA

Great news!! TSA wants to hear from you!!!  TSA has set up a page on their website, Talk to TSA, where you can leave questions, suggestions and feedback regarding your travel experience with TSA...

Hartman Luggage New Zoom Collection 0

Hartman Luggage New Zoom Collection

Hartmann Luggage has been an American standard for over 100 years. Both the recently introduced Zoom collection and the Intensity collection are on sale for a limited time. What makes Hartmann unique? Check it out…