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Graduation Gifts 3

Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is rapidly approaching. Virtually everyone knows someone who will be graduating from either college or high school this year; and virtually everyone will have to purchase a graduation gift at some point...

Pack Your Car the Night Before! (Tips for Traveling with Kids) 0

Pack Your Car the Night Before! (Tips for Traveling with Kids)

“Pack your car the night before!” I said.

I told this to my brother before his 7 hour drive to meet us at the
beach for Thanksgiving, but of course, being my “little” brother, he did not listen. He thought he could pack his wife, two young children and all their cribs, strollers, snacks, toys, car seats and suitcases in the morning before they left. As a result, they didn’t get on the road until noon!

TSA Approved Travel Accessories – The MagShoe (what is this??) 21

TSA Approved Travel Accessories – The MagShoe (what is this??)

Recently, I was cruising sites for some interesting travel news, and stumbled across this little gem on Budget Travel’s blog about the MagShoe. Here’s how it works:

Passengers simply step up on the portable device with their shoes on, and after a quick scan, they get a green or red light.

Taking off your shoes in the security line is a huge line-slower, in addition to being a huge pain, especially if you are traveling with small children and managing your carry-on luggage.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks 26

TSA Approved Luggage Locks

TSA approved locks are locks which the TSA can unlock by using a master key for the purpose of inspecting baggage. Some of these locks include an indicator so that when the lock has been opened for inspection, it releases the presence of a red dot to notify you that your bag has been opened.

TSA Checkpoint Friendly Cases 0

TSA Checkpoint Friendly Cases

Approximately 637,750 laptop are stolen in US airports each year… many at security checkpoints, according to a private research company. That’s over 12,250 laptops per week. So, how can you protect yourself?

TSA check-point friendly laptop cases allow you to keep your laptop in the case – and not left out in the open. Interestingly, the TSA does not approve or endorse any cases. The TSA provided specs to the manufacturers to create bags that meet their criteria.