TSA Approved Travel Accessories – The MagShoe (what is this??)

Recently, I was cruising sites for some interesting travel news, and stumbled across this little gem on Budget Travel’s blog about the MagShoe. Here’s how it works:

Passengers simply step up on the portable device with their shoes on, and after a quick scan, they get a green or red light.

Taking off your shoes in the security line is a huge line-slower, in addition to being a huge pain, especially if you are traveling with small children and managing your carry-on luggage.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we have this sweet little piece of technology installed at American airports yet, but if the international airport in Tel Aviv (a place that doesn’t mess around with security risk) trusts the technology, surely it will be hitting our shores any day now. (please, please, please!!!)

The TSA has worked with luggage and luggage accessory makers to make available products that ease the security process. Passengers worried about their items passing through security inspections can use:

  • TSA approved luggage locks, which are easily opened by security personnel, but no one else.
  • TSA approved laptop bags, giving you the ability to send your laptop case through security without unpacking it. This means fewer computers are damaged and/or stolen.
  • TSA approved bottles, which ensure that you will not be over the allowed amount of liquids in your carry-on bag.

    TSA Approved Bottle Set

    TSA Approved Bottle Set

Many airports have also implemented express lines for business travelers who travel light, steering families with children and folks who are new to the process over to the “10 items or more” lines.

All this is good news, and if we can add MagShoe to that growing list of security line-easers, it will be great news! Currently, having to take one’s shoes off is a weak link in the puzzle, making line waits much longer than they would otherwise be. So here’s kudos to the TSA for advances already made, and a little encouragement to saunter on over to Tel Aviv, and check out the MagShoe, and maybe bring one back!


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