Tips for Traveling Abroad

Anytime you make plans to leave the country, it is wise to take precautions. The U.S. Department of State suggests several things to do before traveling aboard:

  • Register your plans with the State Department so they can better assist you in an emergency
  • Sign your passport and fill in the emergency information requested
  • Leave copies of your itinerary, passports and visas with relatives stateside
  • Check with your insurance regarding coverage outside the country
  • Become familiar with the laws and customs of the country you are visiting and respect them
  • Educate yourself on how to avoid being a victim of a crime while traveling (ex. do not flash jewelry or cash)
  • Contact the U.S Embassy in case of an emergency

For more details visit the U.S Department of State website

Happy and Safe International Travels from Irv’s Luggage!



Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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