TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Among the many frustrations the airport can provide, perhaps one of the worst is finding your suitcase lock has been compromised.

Although TSA conducts a thorough electronic screening of checked luggage before its loaded onto an airplane, there are times when a particular piece must be manually investigated.  If you do not own a TSA approved luggage lock, then you will be left with a lock that has been cut open.

TSA approved locks are locks which the TSA can unlock by using a master key for the purpose of inspecting baggage.  Some of these locks include an indicator so that when the lock has been opened for inspection, it releases the presence of a red dot to notify you that your bag has been opened.

TSA compliant cable lock

If, for whatever reason, a TSA approved lock must be cut off, most manufacturers will offer a lifetime replacement.

Another great innovative item is a TSA approved locking luggage strap. The luggage strap keeps your suitcase from bursting wide open if the zippers, locks or clasps break. Airport security can open the bag for inspection if necessary and then secure the strap back around the suitcase.

TSA locking luggage strap

TSA locking luggage strap

With this information, there is no reason why travelers should fly unsecured without a TSA approved lock or strap.  Leaving your luggage unlocked dramatically increases the vulnerability of your belongings falling prey to the hands of a thief.

Nearly all luggage brands, including Samsonite, now provide TSA recognized locks with their products.  However, if you are using a beloved older suitcase, keep using it! Just protect it with a TSA approved lock.


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