Best New Bags to Beat Airline Fees

I’m not a fan of television, so I missed the CBS Morning Show’s segment on “Best New Bags to Beat Airline Fees”, however, I did find it in my in-box and there is some worthwhile information here.

Clearly, airlines are struggling. High fuel prices, long airport security lines, reduced in-flight services and the TSA regulations – all conspire to make air travel less desirable than ever. I’m old enough to remember the days when airlines would lure you in to fly with free meals, free drinks and in-flight movies. Nowadays, airlines want to charge for everything they can: special seating, checked bags, blankets & whatever else. Fans of this blog know that I’ve been critical of all the additional airline fees.  For some airlines, it is just a way of packaging the product … charge competitively for the actual flight, but charge more for any in-flight service. The duped traveler ends up paying more for what used to be included as part of the travel experience.

Like many industries, the airlines need to learn how to compete long term in a world of rising fuel prices, a struggling economy and regulations and threats that make it difficult to travel. So, what pearls of wisdom did CBS offer?

The one truly new innovation comes from Delsey Helium Fusion Lite 2.0.  Those familiar with Delsey Luggage know that it is good, solid, well-made lightweight luggage. The bonus on the checked luggage from this collection is the addition of an ‘overweight’ indicator. Just pack the bag and lift the ‘overweight’ indicator and it will tell you if the bag is over the 50 lbs weight limit. It’s not a scale and nor will you have to struggle weighing the bag on the bathroom scale. This will help to save you money on the checked luggage fees as overweight fees will sometimes cost you as much as the airline ticket itself.

My personal favorite from Delsey Luggage is the Delsey Helium Intrigue EZ Glide Wheeled Carry On Trolley (sku: DEL 52744). Its spinner luggage (meaning four wheels and not two) and is very easy to ‘wheel’ as you are manipulating through the airport. It’s lightweight (appropriately named Delsey Helium) and is expandable by up to 2.5 inches. I like it simply because it is lightweight and very easy to wheel through the airports.

I was disappointed in the other gems of wisdom from CBS. I think I’ll stick with something solid like Delsey Helium. It’s good, dependable luggage. Whether I fly or not this summer, I’m ready to travel.


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