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The care free days of summer are coming to an end!  All the kids are heading back to school. Where does the time go?

Often, favorite memories are made during the summer months: sitting on the porch enjoying the warm gentle breezes while sharing a drink with your favorite neighbor or an old friend; going to the ballpark to cheer on your favorite baseball team; heading to the beach for a sun filled day of water and sand; and of course the family vacations, when you and your family spend more quality time together, then the whole rest of the year combined.

Ahhhh the wonderful “dog days of summer”!  Well, Irv’s Luggage wants to hear about them; Irv’s Luggage wants to celebrate all those summer vacation stories as the 2010 season is wrapping up!

In the comments section of this blog, please share your favorite summer vacation story by September 13th. The person who enters the best story will receive a North Face Backpack, the Jester, for free!  Come on, we would love to hear from you!



Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Margaret currently resides with her husband and two sons in downtown Chicago.

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8 Responses

  1. M says:

    My favorite was a trip to Disney World. I still have the Mickey and Minnie brought there.

  2. marykrueger says:

    Jennifer & my daughter Julie went out in a row boat. They did fine, were bringing it in and RIck’s bro, Danny went to help but instead pushed them back out into the lake. BOth being blonde, came back right where he was and he went to help but this time he took a paddle and then pushed them out. By this time Jennifer was getting frustrated and hand paddled to shore. Angry toward Danny she began to splash him, as she was doing it from the boat, Julie got out of the boat which caused the boat to rock and Jennifer rocked out of the boat into the water.

  3. SETRAVEL says:

    The “Power” of Social Media
    During our latest trip to Jamaica to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, my wife and I got reaquainted with a couple from the UK who we had first met at the same resort 3 years ago. We decided to keep in touch this time so I left them my biz card and asked them to contact me via email when they returned home. On the last night before we departed, the resort phtographer snapped a photo of my wife and I enjoying our anniversary dinner, but we had to leave the resort so early the next day, that we never had the chance to view or purchase the photo at the resort photo shop. When we returned home, I was browsing the resort website and saw a live post from yet another couple that was currently staying at the same resort. I contacted her via Facebook and asked her to introduce herself to the couple from the UK that was still there, and ask them to email me. They did, and I when they contacted me, I asked them to retrieve the photo from the photoshop and send it to me. So now I have a a new Facebook friend, the contact info from our British friends, AND the photo I thought I would never get. Love it.
    Louis from Southern Exposure Travel

    • Margaret says:

      Louis, your story makes me think back to the day, when there were no cell phones, no email and no social media…..

      It really wasn’t that long ago but oh how things have changed….amazing! Thanks for sharing….

  4. S' Happy Family says:

    When I was a child, growing up in Northern Wisconsin, one August Morning I started my first day of 2nd Grade. We went to the bus stop early in the morning (at 6:45 AM!) and found that it was so COLD the night before that we had perfectly iced mud puddles in our driveway. The puddles had the thinnest layer of ice, perfectly frozen on top. My brand new white tennis shoes were soon black from mud, as I cracked each and every mud puddle. I don’t think we ever had such a cold August ever since.

  5. sunchicka says:

    During a trek to India I was touring some famous caves. When I realized I had missed the last ferry back from the Island.I’ll never forget, how the cold chilly night air and initial fear dissapeared by hearing the warm conversations and hearty talk of other travelers who were stranded as well.

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